How To Promote Your Soundcloud Profile

I know how much your music means to you. You’ve finally released a song or an album and now you want people to hear it as well. Advertising is the safest way to get known. After all, the main reason why you’ve become a musician is to share your music with the world. They love their music, but it’s just as important to them that others love them too, right? Showing your music to the world is only the beginning. If you do not have an agent, it’s up to you to promote your music and, for example, upload more songs to SoundCloud.


Connect with other Artists

Musicians love music. So you can not just focus on your own music if you want to make your music known.

There are other artists out there who make similar music to you – or at least musicians in the same genre as you are. Find these musicians and praise them for the songs they produce.

By networking with others, your own music will be played more often – even if only the other artists you’ve connected with to get to know your music. As you probably know, you will get more SoundCloud plays when your songs are already called and played many times. So this attention can only be good for you.

Here’s the rough procedure:

  • Find three or four musicians who are not that popular yet who make the same kind of music you like.
  • Connect with these musicians through SoundCloud and other social media channels. Play their music, comment on their new posts, and track their progress.
  • Look for opportunities to link your own tracks in comments, or, if someone asks you, to share without being intrusive.
  • Participate in discussions about music and do not hesitate to share information about yourself and your musical experiences.

If you do this consistently every day, you will soon be more visible to the artists you follow and the people who follow them. These are SoundCloud fans who already like their style of music, so it’s only a matter of time before they start discovering your tracks and searching for them on SoundCloud.

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